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cares? >> i care.e >> if you think russia or china is quaking in their boots whenus they see this collection ofis ferris buellers running the country, the adults are on a carnival cruise and the house is being trashed, it's time to come home from the vacation in 2016. let the adults become in and clean house. >> leon panetta was not a child. a lot of these people were very senior and very good people and to blanketly indict the administration and call him names and say that's the whole administration is frankly bull. >> you know who cares?admi the people, whoever runs againso hillary clinton for president in 2016. you know why? >> it's pure politics! they used it! >> you can use benghazi as politics. >> if you're a electricity. >> the press helps you bury the tragedy and you can do that. >> just admit it's politics.n do i admit it was. >> so you're saying because we think it's bad, that's also politics? >> i'm saying with this special committee, select committee is pure politics.po i've said the other, it was politics. none of you are willing to say that? >> if it's under the
. fredricka. >> nick paton-walsh, thanks so much. this violence comes a few weeks after ukraine and russia and western countries reached a peace deal. now russia says the deal is dead. the spokes man for vladimir putin said the military movement is the last nail in the coffin. matthew chance is joining us from moscow. matthew, it is hard to tell what putin is doing to use the violence to push the deal out the window. what is happening here? >> reporter: actually, within the past few minutes, a statement issued by the foreign ministry which lavrov, the foreign minister said, look, the geneva agreement is the best way of deescalating the situation in eastern ukraine. a phone conversation with kerry and lavrov. he called on the united states to use everything within its power to get the authorities to end the military operations in eastern ukraine. this comes after the terrible deaths that took place in odessa. nearly 40 people killed. pro-russian supporters in a government building inside and torched by a pro-kiev supporters. that is not gone down well. the kremlin condemned the action. the
who push the video. >> do you think russia or china is quaking in their boots when they see these ferris buler's running the administration? >> leon panetta was not a child. to blanketly indict an administration and call the names you want to call obama and say that's the whole administration is bull. >> do you know who cares -- whoever runs against hillary rodham clinton for president. you know why? >> it's pure politics. >> you can use benghazi politics. you can vary it. the press helps you to bury this tragedy and you can do that. >> just admit it's politics. i admit it's politics, did i not? >> so you are saying, because we think it's bad, that's also politics. >> i'm saying this selected committee is pure politics. none of you are willing to say that. >> if it's under the guise it's politics, you can do anything? you can cover up murders? >> condone it. >> you can cover up knowledge, hide the truth, and say it's the video when he we know it's terrorism. it's like those idiots hiding behind comedy. >> by the way, we knew all this two years ago, but they didn't want to be
powerful, russia will be emboldened, russia will continue its reign of terror. but persuading americans we should be more active around the world requires showing them how their lives will be improving and soon at home. in other words, we need to rebuild american confidence. that means we need politicians who focus more on what is good for america, our people, our economy, our future, and less on what helps their own re-election. and that's the memo. and now on to the top story. >> the latest efforts to get some answers finally on benghazi. as we said earlier, speaker john boehner announced the house will vote to establish a select committee to investigate what has happened and they have subpoenas secretary of state john kerry to testify about the benghazi terror attack at a hearing later this month. here's how the state department responded. >> i am confident that what the republicans allege, that there was some attempt by this administration to cover up or spin what happened, is 100% false. >> joining me now, just a mile and a half away from here, chief white house correspondent, ed henr
. he answered questions on eu sanctions against russia and responded to controversial payments made by alex salmond on russian president vladimir putin. this is about 40 minutes. >> order. questions for the prime minister. mr. thomas.r one, >> number one mr. speaker. >> the prime minister. >> thank you, mr. speaker. mr. speaker, i'm sure the whole house will wish to join me ine paying tribute to captain thomas clarke of the army air corps, flight lieutenant rakesh chauhan of joint helicopter command, raf odiham, acting warrant officer class two spencer faulkner of the army air corps, corporal james walters of the army airlko corps, and lance corporal oliver thomas of the intelligenceoms corps, a reservist who also worked as a research assistant to the honorable member.. these tragic deaths remind us o the continued commitment andnd sacrifice of our armed forces and i kn and i'm no that our deepest ourd sympathies are with their families at this very, very t time.l time. i'm sure the whole house will also want to join me in paying tribute to and mcgwire who was stabbed to death in h
. >>> the president met with his allies there in german and they talk about the sanctions against russia and talked about other things also. >> we have been talking about sanctions against russia and we talked today with our nato partners. >> he warned them to beef up this defenses as a deterrent. >>> new information about the people in california who have signed up for obamacare, including how old they are and how they are getting financial assistance but many have yet to pay their premiums. >> health and human services says 1.4 million enrolled in those, of those enrollees 28% met that group they expect to help pay for it. just because they signed up though does not mean they have paid. i talked to an expert and she said that should not worry them but she does have a warning for obama enrollees. >> if you miss a payment that will get you suspended too, so that is bad. >> they will have a hearing in washington next week in order to learn who has signed up and who has paid. >> the warriors get ready for game 7, what they are doing now before they head south for that elimination game in los angeles.
and towns have been falling like dominos. armed separatists supported by russia storming in and taking over. this morning, the u.s.-supported ukrainian military finally saying, enough is enough. it all comes in response to this. the anger level here has exploded. we're seeing petrol bombs, tear tear gas, stun grenades. another angry nob of thousands storming the prosecutor's compound yesterday. riot police so terrified, using their own riot shields to barricade themselves in. the mob stripping them of weapons and armor. and parading the police out in shame, one at a time. and now, with today's new violence, it's the most dangerous escalation next. the next step, an all-out civil war. muhammad lila, abc news, eastern ukraine. >>> the crisis in ukraine, high on president obama's agenda today. he will be meeting with a key european ally at the white house. jon karl is there right now. the meeting with german chancellor angela merkel, tougher sanctions against putin can't work unless she goes along. >> reporter: that's right. angela merkel is seen as the key player here. that's because germany
the release of four military observers to a capture bar for russia militia. ukraine of launching the first major assault in the eastern part of the country it both are reporting three dead and two injured. banf but some malaysian officials said on friday that they considers the ferry and that the officials should take a look of this. it was only confirm by sending vessels to the area thousands are in light of the santa, area. so far there's no specific plans to do that. an update on a wildfire this morning in southern california and new video coming in this morning this fire and cucamonga is 53 percent contained. the over acres have been burned. the gusty winds arthere were about 1600 homes in evacuating. and they're now under investigation. >>: said finally one of the two suspects charged with murder in oakland is the libyan court today judy salomon was gunned down las julyast july some reminiscing and just about a half-hour at 9:00 this morning. >>: happening to mar the kentucky derby there's been a change in the lineup of opportunity is not an array. the rebel stakes winner is expected
for allies to remain united against russia's defiance of the west. but when the two leaders hold a news conference in two hours we're told the very first question will shift the spotlight to benghazi. and the deadly terror attack on the u.s. consulate there 19 months ago. it's firing up republicans once again who are outraged by a newly surfaced e-mail from the state department just two months before the presidential election those e-mails suggest that the violence be portrayed as spontaneous and not terrorism that could be blamed on failed policies. cnn's jim acosta has more for you. >> reporter: new e-mails revealed this week by the conservative work judicial watch have sparked republican charges once again of a white house cover-up for what happened at the deadly attack on the u.s u.n benghazi in 2012. >> it's disturbing that documents like these were hidden by the obama administration from congress and the public alike. >> reporter: republicans point to this e-mail used to prep then u.n. ambassador susan rice. >> the best information that we have -- >> reporter: who said in a round
a firsthand account of what's happening in ukraine. >> they are not taking orders from russia. they are not taking orders from ukraine. these are local people with uniforms and guns and they are doing things on their own. so when a deal is struck with ukraine and russia, it has no impact on the ground here. these residents are saying nobody is negotiating with us. so we are just protecting our own state. >> these photos were captured moments before she and her colleagues were detained and blindfolded by pro-russian separatists. lyall plans to stay and continue covering the crisis. >>> time now 6:10. a southern california wildfire burns over 1500 acres. coming up at 6:30, how mother nature is helping firefighters contain the flames. >> okay, everyone! here's a clue for you this morning. what is big and white and looks like it could be in a george lucas movie? "where's roberta?" as the news continues right here on kpix 5. >> sounds like me on a hot day at the beach. we are looking at some big changes coming our way. some heat relief is in sight. we'll talk about that coming up.
's happening here isn't -- they are not taking orders from russia. they are not taking orders from ukraine. these are local residents with uniforms and guns and they are doing things on their own. so when a deal is struck with ukraine and russia, it has no impact on the ground here. these residents are saying, nobody is negotiating with us so we are just protecting our own state. >> well, you tweeted shortly after your release, taken hostage by self-defense forces. what are self-defense forces? >> reporter: that's what they call themselves. they are the guys who are protecting [ indiscernible ] in the [ indiscernible ] region in this part of ukraine and they are the ones who have taken it upon themselves like some of the people in crimea to become the new patrolling force out here and what they say seems to go. >> and what is next for you, erin? are you coming home? are you going back to work? are you going to take a few days off? and where are you right now? >> reporter: we're back in donesk in our hotel. we'll talk about the next stems. we'll stay and cover the referendum in a couple of
. reports from inside suggest that it is tension but calm. >> okay, johnna hull -- engineers. >> russia and ukraine had both promised to deescalate tensions in ukraine as part of a deal. >> angela merkel set to meet with president obama. the crisis in ukraine and the stepped up sanctions against russia expected to top the agenda as libby casey reports, this is her first visit to washington since it was revealed that the inform sa was listening in on her conversations >> reporter: president obama and chancellor merkel will meet for four hours at the whitehouse as both leaders wrestle with how far to push russia. >> they will say we have to go together and when it comes to ukraine, we have to work together to put more pressure on putin. but the interests are different. >> the latest round of sanctions by the u.s. and european union stop short of hitting russia's oil and gas industry, an industry german is tied to. trade between the two countries amounted to $100,000,000,000 last year. >> we work closely with russia. we are to some extent even dependent on russian gas. for that reason, we
they will discuss more economic sanctions on russia but at some point the real question is whether tightening the screws on a major trading partner ceases to be in the interest of the german government. >> joe, a bit of a turn. another problem, really one that's plagued the administration for quite some time now. i want to get your take on. new criticism coming at the administration for their handling on the violence in benghazi, the deadly events in benghazi. this e-mail from ben rhodes that came out, is it really a smoking gun as is being described by republicans or is this just more -- is this politicking as this issue has become a bit of a political football ahead of the midterms? >> well, it's a question of optics, kate. also a question of putting the obama administration back on defense with house republicans exploiting those newly disclosed documents that suggests the white house may have misled the public about the attack in benghazi that killed a u.s. ambassador. this all had quieted down but now sort of brought back into the limelight after the non-profit group judicial watch uncove
this morning that u.s. sanctions over ukraine are having a limited impact on russia as vladimir putin demand troops withdraw from part of the country. the russian ruble and stock market are actually stronger now than they were before the first wave of u.s. sanctions were announced. >> that's not really the idea. >> meanwhile, an operation is underway in eastern ukraine to reclaim the city controlled by pro-russian militants. gunfire and explosions could be heard as ukrainian forces claim they regained control of at least nine check points. the militants shot down two military helicopters. at least three people have been killed including a ukrainian pilot. separatists loyal to moscow are building barricades in an attempt to keep ukrainian forces away. it has been a violent week in the region with pro-russian militants seizing control of government buildings. yesterday the men overpowered to storm a building. they are fighting. >> they are fighting. you know it's not a good sign when vladimir putin tells you to withdraw troops from your own country. and the sanctions are having unfortunately l
obama hosts german chancellor angela merkel at the white house. tougher sanctions against russia could be on the table, all this happening as the violence in ukraine escalates dramatically overnight. cnn has been monitoring a large-scale military operation being launched by the ukrainian military, all while russian president vladimir putin is calling on kiev to withdraw its troops from southeast ukraine, withdraw its troops from its own country, if it wants to keep peace. let's get more on today's meeting between the president and angela merkel. senior white house correspondent jim acosta filed this report. >> reporter: john and christine, german chancellor angela merkel's visit to the white house comes at a critical time. both the u.s. and germany have tried to apply pressure on russia to try to de-escalate the crisis in ukraine, the u.s. taking the lead on sanctions, while chancellor merkel has tried to use her closer relationship with russian president vladimir putin to resolve the crisis, but it's not clear whether those closer ties are helping. in a phone conversation that the two
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, the situation involving russia and ukraine, a mere 34% approve. what does this does all add up to by a 53 to 39% margin voters say they would rather see republicans to counter obama's policies. are we seeing another set up for the gop like we saw in 2010? independents are more willing to vote for candidates who are against obamacare. they need to go out and be proud of obamacare and they should be using this as a message? what about the independent numbers? >> they are definitely important and i hope they run on obamacare car. i don't think that they will. i think it's really what's the message of the administration. i mean typically presidents don't do as well in the polling in their second term, this isn't a huge surprise to geeks who follow the numbers like you and i. i question what's the message, one minute it's birth control for women, and then red line he's not going to be enforce, then he's talking about the nba. what's the message of this administration? it seems like a ping-pong ball. on obamacare, it touches every single household and women that they are so convinced they have a mond
.s. officials say every day there is growing evidence that russia is putting together the unrest, even as russian officials want to repeatedly deny it. >> they want to assert that the people moving in military formation to take over buildings and then bring the local separatists in to occupy the building while they move on to another building, they assert that these people are merely local activists. as we have made clear, those kinds of claims are absurd. they defy any common sense. >> with moscow continuing to brush off american and european economic sanctions, republican and democratic lawmakers continue to urge stronger action. including accepting repeated requests from ukrainian leaders for lethal military aid. in washington today, i asked senator john mccain what that support would look like. >> you send weapons now. what kind of weapons specifically? >> look, they don't even have body armor or night vision capability. if it is all they're asking for weapons, i would give them aenlt anti-armor weapons, as well and set up a long-term assistance program. it is a morale thing with t
officials and experts from the u.s., western europe, russia and japan kerry had this to say about our closest ally in the middle east. >> a unitary state winds up earth being an apartheid state with second-class citizens or it ends up acstate that destroys the capacity of israel to be a state. >> kerry said he wishes he chose a different word. his attempt to back track a little too little too late. calls for his resignation have now begun. >> it's my belief secretary kerry has proven himself unsuitable for the position he holds. and, therefore, before any further harm is done to our national security interests, and to our critical alliance with the nation of israel, that john kerry should offer president obama his resignation. and the president should accept it. >> i think cruz is right. this is beyond something requiring an apology. i think this is a resigning type statement. >> with reaction author, columnist, ann coulter. he blamed israel when, during the peace negotiations when they wouldn't recognize israel's simple right to exist. >> right. no, i mean, obviously the word aparthe
an independent state. ukraine and the u.s. blame russia for stirring up unrest here and helping the insurgents, and there are many people here who agree. they want a unified ukraine, resent russian interference and are making their voices heard. we met a pro government activist delivering razor wire to a national guard base in donetsk. the nearby base was attacked by separatist and he told us the troops here are nervous. could there be a civil war here? >> when they sent russian troops in ukraine. without russian russian army, we will not have a civil war. >> reporter: russia denies any involvement in the insurgency here and instead blames the u.s. for backing ukraine's government and causing the unrest. norah. >> all right, holly, thank you. >>> it is 7:19. ahead on "cbs this morning" we're there as a neighbor rescues a ,, >>> the offshore winds kicking into the gear overnight. looks like the hot wave has begun. in fact today these temperatures really going to soar starting out a little cool in the 40s and the 50s but beautiful out there right now to the coastline. going to be warm to hot by
sanctions against russia, an investigation into corruption gets under way. the opulent home filled with suits of armor. there was a golf course on the outside. dozens of antique cars and a massive riverboat and more. >> reporter: when ukraine comes to terms with the troubled economy and asks where did all of the money go? here is part of the answer. the president's own vodka. >> today the u.s. attorney general will participate in a forum in britain to help identify, trace and recover proceeds of corruption stolen by the former ukrainian regime. an interesting exercise since the guy who used to live in that palace is now protected in russia. matthew chance joins us from washington. what are the russians saying about this? >> reporter: there's been no official reaction of course to this. you're right the ousted former president of ukraine does indeed live somewhere in the moscow region. you know what? i think many russians see this exercise, however valiant it is, as being something of double standards. yes, okay. it may be worthy to look for the stolen assets of this regime but will
round of sanctions against putin in russia. it's just been woefully inadequate. >> i think he had an incredible response to that criticism which we will air as well. >> i'm sure it was incredible. i can't wait. >> i'm sure you want to bomb everybody. you complain about war and then bomb everybody. please. >> if you're going to put sanctions in place, you would hope that after you put sanctions in place, the russian stock market doesn't go up. and the ruble doesn't go up on news of the tough sanctions. but we'll talk about that later. let's talk about the nba right now. >> later today the commissioner of the nba will weigh in on the alleged racist rant by l.a. clippers owner donald sterling four days after tmz first released the tapes. several sponsors already making their judgments. suspending or reviewing their deals with the clippers. some of the top brands includes virgin america, kia, state farm, samsung. the tapes capture sterling allegedly scolding his mistress for bringing african-americans to the games and posting photos of them on her instagram account. >> look at those t
's from the kuban region of russia. "the new york times" showed a picture of a man who looks like him from georgia in 2008 who was part of the russian special forces, claiming that he was that man, but it seems that he's somebody else. but he is actually from russia. >> again, about one hour after filming that report in which simon was working to uncover the official secret most zealously guarded, russia involved in eastern ukraine, this happened. >> when we got to the final checkpoint, which was literally maybe 300, 400 yards away from our hotel, a man pulled a piece of paper out of his pocket with my face on it, shined a light on my face, showed it to his friends. his face lit up and he's like i got him, i got him, this is him. >> that terrifying moment was the beginning of a three-day abduction. joining me it's my great pleasure to welcome safe and found vice news reporter simon ostrovsky. it's great to meet you in person. i feel like i know you, i have this connection to you. we were very upset about your abduction so i'm so glad you're here safe and sound. >> it's good to be back in n
imposed additional sanctions on russia for its actions in ukraine. ing the sanctions target members of president vladimir putin's inner circle who are now subject to usa visa ban and asset freeze. the russian government denounced the move calling it meaningless, shameful and disgusting. earlier today i asked three times the deputy national security adviser if these sanctions were aimed at putin through his associates since there's reports he has billions stashed in the companies of those associates. but i couldn't get a straight answer. i read that story in the "new york times" about estimates of vladimir putin's fortune, his personal wealth and i'm looking at sanctions in a whole new way. is it possible u.s. policy with regard to sanctioning individuals in russia are designed to go after putin personally? >> what we're doing is going after the people who are closest him to, the core of the russian economy, and really his support structure, the two individuals who are designated today, control very large companies, one industrial holding company, the other a large energy company tha
any receipts from master card, visa, american express from russia. we're not. charge something there, we are not going to pay it, goodbye, end of russian economy and travel to russia. he won't do it. >> what this does raises is this question about gradualism. where you -- you don't take the full set of sanctions that you you are contemplating and hit him with them all at once. >> why not. >> deter being his actions? >> hit him with your best shot. >> i think the reason is two fold, basically, bill. a lot of president obama's policies are involve russia as a cooperating partner. iran and syria come to mind. there are other examples. and the other thing is, of course, to be really effective major economic sanctions would necessarily involve the cooperation of our european allies who are much more financially intertwined and economically intertwined with russia than we. >> it's all weakness. >> i'm not disagreeing with i want to point out to the audience intellectually we understand that putin has sway in iran and we need that treaty for them to disassemble their nukes. but you are just
in eastern ukraine. he is a cossack from the -- from russia. a "new york times" showed a picture of a man who looks like him from georgia in 2008 who was part of the russian special forces claiming that he was that man, but it seems he is somebody else, but he is actually from russia. >> again, about an hour after filming the report in which simon was unworking to uncover the secret, russian involvement in eastern ukraine, this happened. >> when we got to the final checkpoint, which was literally 300 yards, 400 yards away from our hotel, a man pulled a piece of paper out of his pocket with my face on it, shine a light on my face, showed it to his friends, his face lit up and he was like, i got him. this is him. >> that moment, that terrifying moment was the beginning of a three-day abduction, and joining me now here in studio, my great pleasure to welcome, safe and sound, sigh mom as strove -- as strove ski. i'm so glad you're hear safe and sound. >> good to be back in new york thank you for being such a strong advocate. i know you have been on your show mentioning me and i appreciate that. >
and russia predicting their futures. he was 92, i think, very frail. he sat there. i was flattered that you gave me the meeting. i asked him, what is china doing now. he said, speaking perfect english, mr. vice president, they are in the united states trying to find the black box. i looked at him and said, the black box? he said, yes. the box contains the secret that allows american to continually review itself on like any other nation in the world. i said, that's presumptuous of me, mr. president, but i think i know what's in that black box. this is the actual conversation. what you think is in that? two things. stamped in the dna of every american naturalized or otherwise to be able to challenge orthodoxy, think about it. as bad as our system may be, no child is ever reprimanded for challenging orthodoxy unlike any other country in the world, including our european friends. that is why we constantly break through i'm like any other nation in the world. [applause] i want china to see. i have a very personal relationship. i want them to succeed, but i have been making speeches at graduation
, president obama punishing russia with more sanctions, but is he hitting putin where it hurts? >>> and a billionaire accused of a racial rant caught on tape. we'll play you the racy audio recording. let's go "outfront." >>> good evening, everyone, i'm erin burnett, "outfront" tonight, millions of americans on alert, warned to take shelter right now as violent tornados ripped through the southwest and southeastern united states. at this moment we are watching four deadly storms that have already touched down, our reporters are in the center of the zone. so far, 16 people have lost their lives in oklahoma, arkansas, and iowa. you're looking right now of footage of a tornado that tore through tupelo, mississippi, just a short time ago. we just got this video in from kdr media. the governor there called a state of emergency. the violent storms threatening alabama, louisiana, and tennessee. tupelo's mayor shelton joins me on the phone. thank you very much. we're just starting to get pictures from where you are. how severe is the damage? >> thank you for having me. the damage, as fa
. 188 people are confirmed dead. >> the european union levying sanctions for what they say is russia's failure targeting seven russian officials and 17 company was links to vladimir >> he has not yet chosen to move forward. >> president obama warned russia can expect tougher sanctions if it continues provocations in ukraine. >> a local domestic violence case forced a bay area tech company to put a new ceo at the helm this week. the board voted to fire him yesterday. he pled guilty last week to misdemeanor domestic violence charges and sentenced to three years probation. police say he beat his girlfriend after finding out she'd gone on a trip with another man. >> in connecticut singer paul simon ask his wife facing disorderly conduct charges. simon told the judge it was a rare arguments that led to weekend arrest. both said they did not feel threatened by the other person and saw no need for a protective order. >> california vitners have good reason to raise a toast. san francisco business times reporting california wine sales account for 64% of all wine sales in the u.s. last year. a
. >>> more action against russia for its role in the crisis in ukraine. sanctions were imposed on 17 companies with ties to vladimir putin's inner circle and moved to freeze items that could help the russian ministry. peter sharp has more from moscow. >> reporter: all the latest names and companies have strong links to vladimir putin as the u.s. tries to up the pressure on the russian leader by hitting those close to him. deputy prime minister, in charge of planning the country olympics. the boss of state-owned oil giant rosneft and the man in charge of ros tech, the technology state corporation. they will join others close to putin on the sanctions list, like the president's chief of staff. billon air gas trader who said he felt honoured to be punished by washington. the west says sanctions have already had an impact by scaring investors into pulling $65 billion out of the economy. this year the key stock index has been down by about 15%. russia's currency, the ruble lost 9% of its value since jan. >> washington said it would deny export licences for high-tech equipment that could b
is relying once again on his go-no foreign policy move, economic sanctions to try to get russia to play nice in ukraine. the president is going after high tech exports to russia's defense industry as well as wealthy individuals close to president vladimir putin. this comes as masked militants with automatic weapons seized another city hall building and police station in eastern ukraine. while the mayor of the nation's second largest city was shot in the back and said to be in critical condition. the president's critic say his fp foreign policy is barely surviving. >> reporter: wrapping up a week long trip to asia dominated by his handing of the crisis in ukraine, plus the fallout from the red line in syria, president obama launched a vigorous defense against his critics. he used a baseball analogy. >> that may not always be sexy. may not always attract a lot of attention accident it doesn't make for good argument on sunday morning shows, but its errors. you hit sinleds, you hit doubles every once in a while. we may be able to hit a home run. >> republicans like senator bob corker fire back t
against russia. just ahead, i'll speak with president obama's deputy national security adviser and he's standing by live at the white house. ♪ (train horn) vo: wherever our trains go, the economy comes to life. norfolk southern. one line, infinite possibilities. [ male announcer ] that's why there's ocuvite to help replenish key eye nutrients. ocuvite has a unique formula not found in your multivitamin to help protect your eye health. ocuvite. help protect your eye health. >>> breaking news out of the south. i want to go to storm chaser northeast of tupelo which has just been hit by a tornado. he's near belmont, mississippi. connor, what are you seeing there? >> wolf, we have been driving south for the last few minutes and we just went through smithville, mississippi, and when we were northeast of tupelo, we saw pretty significant tree damage where the tornado crossed the road where we were going and we were not in tupelo, the actual town, but there was debris falling out of the sky. that's not a good sign for the people of tupelo, that's for sure. >> are folks just driving away? wh
sanctions to try to get russia to play nice in ukraine. the president is going after high tech exports to russia's defense industry as well as wealthy individuals close to president vladimir putin. this comes as masked
. the n.b.a. investigating. >>> sanctions on russia - greater costs over actions in ukraine. >>> thanks for being with us people across the heartland are cleaning up the damage from a string of deadly tornados. pictures and other items littered the ground in berlonia arkansas. daybreak brought the heart-breaking sight of damages. in hundreds of homes and business business - damaged or destroyed by a tornado. jonathan betz is joining us with more. devastating images. >> yes, at least 16 killed. it's the deadliest tornado that arkansas river saw in 17 years. the governor expects the death toll to rise. >> reporter: the quitest start to a tornado season ended with a vengeance. dozens touching down destroying towns in the midsection, and taking lives. >> he came in, he didn't say nothing, he went like this, i said "tornado", and everything was hitting. >> drivers swallowed by black clouds. >>e, we are pulling over -- yes, we are pulling over. we'll back up. >> central arkansas was hit hard. towns north of little rock. rescuers dug through debris, searching for dividers. in cars thrown along
of the his closest allies, an ma who's been called russia's darth vader and the scariest man on earth, controlling 40% of crude oil production in russia, one of the most powerful pen in ha country. today's sanctions also froze the assets of 17 companies. arier today, nbc's andrea mitchell spoke with u.s. treasury secretary jack lew about the aim of these sanctions. >> our gold is not to hurt the russian people, it's to get them to change their policy. the goal will, you think realized if we continue to work at it step by step working with our allies, to make sure the pressure is not just from the united states, but from the world community. the without stopped short of -- but in a statement, the administration said it is prepared to impose still greater costs if russia continues its prove indications. yesterday the eight european military observers being detained by pro-russian militants were paraded before reporters at a press conference, but they were not released. today the mayor of the eastern ukrainian city of harkiv was shot by unknown gunmen while taking a jog. >>> another buil
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sanctions against russia for not living up to an agreement 11 days ago to stabilize the region. the new sanctions targets seven russian officials, including two said to be close to russia's vladimir putin. they also target 13 companies and certain high-tech exports to russia with potential military applications. then an entire state could be left without a single abortion clinic if a court rules in favor of the anti-abortion activist. we'll tell you about the shocking movement that's sweeping the south. ortho crime files. reckless seeding. a backyard invasion. enter homeowner, and ortho weed b gon max. kills weeds without harming innocent lawns. guaranteed. ortho weed b gon max. get order. get ortho®. i'm a messy person. i don't like cleaning. i love my son, but he never cleans up. always leaves a trail of crumbs behind. you're going to have a problem with getting a wife. uh, yeah, i guess. [ laughs ] this is ridiculous. christopher glenn! [ doorbell rings ] what is that? swiffer sweep & trap. i think i can use this. it picks up everything. i like this. that's a lot of dirt. it's that
of sanctions against russia. >> and expanded list of individuals and companies will be affected by sanctions. >> in eastern ukraine, more violence, the pro-russian mayor of the second largest city is in serious condition after being shot in the back today. >> president obama was welcomed in the philippines today, the final stop in the week-long tour. u.s. officials signed a 10-year agreement to position fighter ships and troops at philippine bases. >> pope francis presided over a double papal canonization ceremony. >>> two at once. that's the papal sainthood equivalent of a kfc doubledown. >>> first up, breaking news, the worst may still be yet to come from a massive storm system that has spawned dozens of tornadoes in the last 24 hours. at this very hour, four states remain threatened by the tornadoes or severe weather as the storm system makes its way east. it's already being blamed for more than 16 deaths across central and southern united states. today 17 states are dealing with some level of destruction caused by 31 different tornadoes. >> all of a sudden got black and ended up on the o
, the u.s. level 2 sanctions against russia, russia is firing back calling them meaningless. we will get more of the larger picture of president obama's power in the region. stay with us. n from tracfone? check the weather. borrow ted's wheelbarrow. post big tomato pics. buy a birdhouse for sparrows. download gardening apps. answer my wife's texts. search how to sculpt hedges into a t-rex. i can do all that with my android from tracfone for as low as $7 a month. [ male announcer ] unbeatable nationwide coverage, no contract. for a limited time, save $50 on the zte valet. now just 49.99. tracfone. do everything for less. humans. we are beautifully imperfect creatures living in an imperfect world. that's why liberty mutual insurance has your back, offering exclusive products like optional better car replacement, where if your car is totaled, we give you the money to buy one a model year newer. call... and ask an insurance expert about all our benefits today, like our 24/7 support and service, because at liberty mutual insurance, we believe our customers do their best out there in the world
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that will ensure that this will not happen again. >> thank you. >> thank you. >>> and today, russia is responding to the new round of sanctions that president obama set forth today. >> we will give a expanded list of individuals and businesses who will be receive sanctions. >>> and there is a mayor who was shot in the back wounded today. >> and now 20 criminal charges including tax fraud against new york congressman michael grimm. and he surrendered to the fbi agent agents this morning. that is something that you should know. and looking forward to this, cedric the intentertainer is go to join us live, and talk to us about his storied entertainment career, but something that she is serious about. he wants to improve the lives of inner city program, and he wants to spread the word at "newsnatio "newsnation." you can find me and my team at @ @ tallronhall. and that was important to me. [ male announcer ] some people had changes in behavior, thinking or mood, hostility, agitation, depressed mood and suicidal thoughts or actions while taking or after stopping chantix. if you notice any of these, stop
, everyone. president obama announcing tough new sanctions on russia over the crisis in ukraine. nbc's peter alexander is in manila, philippines, where the president is wrapping up a week-long tour of asia. >> reporter: willie, good morning. those new sanctions will target vladimir putin's billionaire cronies and russian companies in what president obama described as a calibrated effort to change russia's behavior. president obama was welcomed here in the philippines today, the fourth and final stop in his weeklong asia tour. but it's the crisis in ukraine that keeps demanding the president's attention. >> we are keeping in reserve additional steps should the situation escalate further. >> reporter: in this region, u.s. officials signed a ten-year agreement to preposition fighter jets, ships and american troops at philippine bases. two decade after the u.s. controlled bases here were forced to shut down. after visiting troops here tomorrow, president obama will head back to washington. willie? >> all right, peter alexander in manila, thanks. >>> some new video out of south korea shows the ca
to russia that we don't think are appropriate to be exporting in this kind of climate. >> reporter: the united states and europe will not levy financial penalties against russia's energy banking and defense industries unless moscow decides to invade ukraine, something mr. obama conceded might happen if this new round of economic sanctions prove as few futile for the first. >> the new mayor is injured. >> reporter: eight military observers were taken prisoner by pro-russian separatists outside of slavyanask on friday. yesterday they were paraded before the media. >> this colonel appeared tense and unhappy. >> we have no indication when we will be sent home. >> reporter: they said they were being treated well but it was impossible to tell if they were under duress. there was no need to guess how these men were being treated. they're captured ukrainian soldiers also being held by militants and also shown off to journalists yesterday. the new self-appointed mayor of slavyanask claims the european observers are spies. he told us he wants to swap them for militants he
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